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Youtube Ads

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YouTube has grown exponentially over the past decade in particular. With the internet being more accessible to everyone, than ever before. Videos are the most widely consumed digital content and YouTube the dominant juggernaut in the space. With its large base of creators which couldn't possibly be encompassed in any category. The wide range of video formats from short scripted videos to live Vlogging to the plethora of ad formats it allows you to publish. It’s literally endless, the range of content requires you get an expert that's familiar with running advertising campaigns on YouTube.


Skippable Ads.

These ads play before or during a video. Their defining feature is that viewers can choose to skip them after the first 5 seconds. The clear-cut advantage that it enables you is the fact the video is already holding onto the target’s attention and a captivated audience will always be more receptive to the content of the advertisement.

In-stream video advertisement encompasses the video based ads that are played at the beginning of a chosen video, sometimes during or at the end. Creating engagement translates into captivating someone’s attention. The job is already half done here, the only aspect that needs to be taken care of is the content of the said ad and the optimization of the same to ensure you garner maximum outreach. In the end an advertisement is only as good as the results it generates.

As an advertiser, you only pay when viewers choose to keep watching past those first 5 seconds. You’re only spending money when a person has watched the first 30 seconds of the advertisement. However, if you generate a click on the aforementioned advertisement then too you’re liable to pay in accordance with “Trueview.”

Trueview is the terminology used by google itself on YouTube. It’s the payment type where you only pay for an ad impression when its engaged with on the user end.

Non-skippable Ads.

Sometimes non-skippable ads is the go-to solution for organization or advertisers due to their placement during the video usually so that the engagement created by the video has a trickle-down effect on the advertisements placed in the middle cause the audience is already captivated and that attention doesn’t just vanish, the lack of a skip button more often than not generates more captivation and engagement alike. Research indicates about 76% people skip ads before the 10 second mark which could often just mean your advertising efforts all going down in futility, that’s exactly where Non-skippable ads come in. They alleviate the chances of the advertisement being entirely ignored resulting in higher engagement which obviously translates to lead generation.

All facets need to be functioning in harmony and a synchronized effort for anything to succeed. Advertising is the same. You’re always better off getting professional assistance cause your marketing strategies need to be planned with all intricacies taken care of. You avail yourself the chance of a significant competitive advantage when you do that.


Bumper Ads.

At 6 seconds long, bumper ads are a snappy subspecies of non-skippable in-stream ad. They’re identical in that you pay for impressions, they show up as pre-, mid- or post-roll, and they’re generally best used for reach and awareness campaigns. However, due to the nature of these ads and the extremely short duration of it sometimes the ad itself fails to convey the exact message the advertiser intends. It’s a noticeable challenge to fit a large amount of content that generates engagement in such a short-form format.

But there-in lies the strategic advantage most advertisers overlook. Bumper ads have a high statistical chance to convert engagement into leads. The short form content allows for higher engagement due to their unskippable nature and the fact it doesn’t demand forced attention from the viewer.

If created with expert proficiency the nature of the advertisement can often be more compelling than perhaps a 30 second advert. The modern consumer is blinded by media and it takes expertly devised strategies to generate curiosity. Even the recall factor is significantly higher due to the nature of aforementioned content.

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