Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What sort of businesses do you work with?

We work with SME(s) and large scale organization alike. We understand that each project requires the right kind of team behind it. Professionals with experience in their respective teams are assembled to ensure the maximum work reaps maximum rewards. The scale of your operation doesn’t matter, we have the solution to all your needs.

We have a large and diverse portfolio. Our client are spread across the spectrum of the world of commerce. Ranging from healthcare technology, professional services to retail and b2b service providers. We ensure our teams evaluate the nature of your business and the requirements ensuring you’re on the same page with every step going forward.

We’ve worked by the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs for the better part of decade to create the rapport we enjoy in the market today. We’re well established as a full service digital marketing agency with our work showcasing across the world in both organic and paid search markets as well. Certain specific services we provide could be enlisted as: Google Ads, SEO, Social media optimization and even running campaigns on social media platforms. Our particular expertise lays in generating targeted engagement and maximising the leads generated through a sales funnel. Turning leads into real-time sales prospects. That’s where Local SEO Buzz excels where competitors don’t.

Besides the certain packages we have listed on our website. We don’t completely function on set packages alone. We’re flexible and understanding. Each project is different and we treat it so. The demands of a business in a certain industry cannot be replicated in another. The end-game is achieving growth but there’s degrees to that and the journey to that goal can be significantly different to others. We offer tailor made pricing proposals after understanding your business’s current standing and the goals you aim for in whatever time frame. Customized solutions for your business depending on a variety of factors as aforementioned such as scale and expenditure limits amongst other things.

Fill out our contact form or just call us right up and an executive will surely provide you with an approximated quote after due diligence.

We’ve often provided other agencies with projects that may be out of their ability to handle due to either the scale of the said project or maybe lack of personnel and expertise in any particular field. We’re well versed with such issues and we offer our services to serve your clients too if you’re a budding agency. Reach out to our business development executives and find out what we can do for you!

We have clients across the US, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and a few other European countries. Due to the diverse portfolio and different time-zone.

Absolutely not! No hidden contract clauses that may strip you of even a single hard earned penny and all contracts are liable to carry on monthly. You’re free to re-evaluate your options at the end of every month. We function with transparency and authenticity. Trust is the driving force for a great working relationship. Trust is the foundation for prosperity.

We recommend you always get assistance from an agency that specialises in the field you’re lacking in. If you choose to run these operations in-house, you risk compromising on quality since it may not be your core competence and you’ll have to enlist a bunch of people to hire and handle your digital marketing and advertising needs. Instead of letting your wage bill sky-rocket, you’re more likely to save money and achieve the results by outsourcing this to an expert agency like LSB. It’ll save you serious time, money and definitely get you to the success you aim for considerably swiftly.

Doesn’t matter, large or small. The size of your operation means nothing to the fact that you need digital marketing. Yes your marketing budget may be under more constraints than normal but hiring LSB ensures the money spent gets you the result you need. Amateurism in commerce will only serve to hurt you. Minimum risk and maximum reward, that’s the motto any successful business should emulate and live by.

Our goal is to help your business thrive! We will send you monthly reports so you can track the progress of your marketing campaign, and we will meet with you periodically to go over the information and make changes if necessary. Your success is our goal; so if something is not working, we will change it.

RESULTS! There’s no better answer to it than results. And we proudly claim this cause all our strategies are real-time result oriented. We don’t give you flimsy reassurances on potential financial forecasts instead we ensure transparency remains and present you with detailed reports weekly or monthly as demanded by you/client. There’s several analytical tools we shall help you work with so that you can track the progress of your assignment in real time.

We’ve been around for a long time, after gaining individual experience across various jobs in the same industry. We started off this agency in 2009 and 12 years on we’ve been hard at work. Diversifying our portfolio and generating results that helped us climb on this growth ladder. We were formally known as New Media Data Marketing.

Prices quoted by various agencies will generally take into consideration the differences in depth of service and experience. For example, a service that costs £250 compared with one that costs over £1,500 per month is not likely to be as effective or as thorough. When receiving quotes from digital marketing agencies, make sure you understand what the deliverables are for the costs they’ve quoted. At LSB, we’re always transparent and honest about what we’re going to deliver in the time we’ve quoted for. In our experience, we need a good amount of time to generate the best results possible. By quoting for anything less than this, we know we’re set to fall short on performance.

The location of your business isn’t really an issue. We’re well versed with clients across the United States and even in Europe. You’ll still be privy to all strategies and decisions made to and for your business. You’ll have constant communication chatter with the team assigned to you, through phone calls and any other medium you choose.

We’ll enlist a dedicated account manager to handle your business, who’ll be your day-to-day point of contact. They will cohesively manage client strategy with you and make sure you’re on page with the digital marketing strategy presented to you. Transparency is key and we ensure you have a clear view of every single action taken that may affect your business

Getting to truly understand your business is something we take very seriously at LSB. We dedicate a great amount of time getting to know you and your business so that we come up with the most effective digital marketing strategy possible.

We achieve this through clear-cut communication with you and the huge mass of data we’ve acquired through constant research.

We’ll arrange a kick-off meeting with you and your team. This meeting gives us the opportunity to get all the information we need to put together our initial 6-month digital marketing strategy.

It’s a comprehensive plan that outlines what aspects of the project will be delivered over and the dates you can expect to see them. We update and refresh this strategy every 6 months (or less) so you’re always in the loop about when you’ll see deliverables from us.

Your business has unique challenges. But, if you ask an advertising agency how to solve those challenges, they will tell you the solution is more ads.

If you ask a content marketing agency what the answer is, they will tell you more content.

Ask a social media company, they will tell you the answer is more social media activity.

Agencies sell what they do, and then they do what they sell.

A lot of agencies talk about the strategy for your brand. But, 99% of the time, the "strategy" is just a copy/pasted menu they used on the last client that paid.

That menu consists of what they do, which is what they sell, which is what they do. It's a never-ending cycle of poor performance.

If you're considering hiring LSB, you need to know that we are going to apply the right strategy to the right objective to bring you compounding growth.

All our projects are completely bespoke, so it is difficult to give exact figures. At the moment we work with companies who have budgets ranging from a few hundred pounds per month to a few thousand. Rather than having a minimum amount, we adjust our strategies, volume of work and timescales based on the available budget.

We can also adjust the approach we take depending on how much involvement our clients have. If you are happy to implement suggestions yourself (after a proper explanation), it will reduce the overall project cost.

Furthermore, if you have a service we may have use for, we are happy to trade skills if possible.

At LSB we are passionate about what we do, the results we want, and the service we give our clients. On occasion, and as long as we have the time free, this means that we may get carried away and overwork for our clients. The great news is that we never charge for this, as we are doing it because we want to! At no time does the work stop, we don’t stare at the hands of the clock to drop our tools and stop working. Our passion isn’t limited or constrained by time, although if at any-time we think there’s a certain out-of-budget expense, we will reach out to the client, and only after discussions do we move forward. But the work doesn’t stop- EVER.

Yes, we can provide references of clients in order to give feedback on our work and service. We will happily arrange an introduction.

Yes, we will happily take on certain tasks for other agencies. We are actively looking to engage with web development agencies who may be interested in offering our specialist services to their clients and vice versa.