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Did you know that around 40% of social media marketing spending goes to waste every year?

Whether it’s due to the wrong audience selection or choosing the wrong marketing channel, wasting marketing spending eventually reduces the ROI for businesses.
Implementing the right social media strategies is crucial for outperforming your competitors and winning more customers through social media marketing.
We help businesses leverage the power of social media marketing by delivering the right value to their audience. We make use of the latest social media marketing tools to deliver top-notch results.
We assist clients throughout the process, from setting up optimized sales funnels to sharing compelling stories and building relationships with prospects.
Want to extend your social reach and get genuine results?

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SMM Package


  • 20% Ads Spend or $249 (whichever is higher)


  • 15% Ads Spend Or $399(whichever is higher)


  • 12% Ads Spend Or $599(whichever is higher)

Account Management:
Choose any 02 Accounts
Account Management:
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Account Management:
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Facebook Business Manager Set Up Yes Yes Yes
Pixel Installation Yes Yes Yes
Custom Conversion Creation Yes Yes Yes
Remarketing NO Yes Yes
Custom Audience Creation No Yes Yes
Creation Of Automated Rules No Yes Yes
Facebook Analytics Report Creation Yes Yes Yes
Ad Campaign Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Catalogue Creation No No Yes
Dynamic Ads Creation No No Yes
Instant Experience Ads Creation No Yes Yes
Customization Of Ad Placements Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement No No Yes
Carousel And Collection Ads No No Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Tweet Engagement Ads Yes Yes Yes
Video Or GIF View Ads No Yes Yes/td>
Awareness Ads Yes Yes Yes
Website Conversion Ads No No Yes
In-stream Video View Ads No No Yes
Follower Ads Yes Yes Yes
App Install Ads No No Yes
App Reengagement No No Yes
Audience Creation Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Audience Research Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Ads Creative
Creation & Design
Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Ads
Monitoring & Management
Yes Yes Yes

Campaign Manager Account Set Up Yes Yes Yes
Linkedin Insight Tag Installation No No Yes
Creation Of Custom Conversion Yes Yes Yes
Ads Monitoring Ads Monitoring Ads Monitoring Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

In-feed Ads Yes Yes Yes
TopView Ads Yes Yes Yes
Brand Takeover Ads Yes Yes Yes
Branded Hashtag Challenge Yes
Branded Effects Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Youtube Ad Account Set Up Yes Yes Yes
Skippable In-Stream Ads Yes Yes Yes
Non- Skippable In-Stream Ads Yes Yes Yes
Bumper Ads Yes Yes
Discovery Ads Yes
Youtube Video Sequence Ads Yes
Detailed Audience Creation Yes Yes Yes
Custom Audience Creation Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Of Targeting Yes Yes Yes
Remarketing Video Ads No Yes Yes
Video Ads With Promotion Of Your Products No No Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Single Image Ads Yes Yes Yes
Video Ads Yes Yes Yes
Collection Ads No Yes Yes
Story Ads Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes

Improve Your Brand Credibility with Best Social Media Marketing Services in India

Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions
We don’t believe in making things expensive and complicated, rather, our social media marketing packages strive to make them simpler and more affordable for you.

Extensive Experience
We have a team of experienced social media marketing experts who can create successful social media marketing campaign to help businesses flourish and expand their online reach.

Seamless Customer Support
We understand you may have queries and concerns at every stage, so we assign a dedicated social media manager to discuss your concerns and queries. Our experts are equipped with the right social media marketing tools to bring optimal results for your business.

Monthly Reporting
To get a better overview and track the analysis of social media marketing efforts, our social media marketing experts provide monthly reporting with key performance indicators. It helps us and our clients to stay aligned with social media marketing goals.

Our Achievements Speak for Our Services

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • one number in digit


    During the discovery phase, our social media marketing experts start by analyzing the social media marketing goals and objectives of your business. Additionally, we work on understanding your current brand positioning and performing changes with social media optimization services.

  • 02 two number in digit

    Social Media Marketing Plan

    In this phase, we come up with a comprehensive strategic plan and social media marketing packages based on your goals and objectives. We also work on understanding the demographics of your target audience & creating a personalized strategy for both the short and long term.

  • 03 three number in digit


    Every social media strategy we have created in the above steps will be implemented in the third stage. Whether it’s creating and optimizing social media profiles, developing content, or engaging users, everything will be taken care of during the implementation phase.

  • 04 number in digit

    Analysis and Adjust

    During the review and analysis phase, we will monitor the results obtained from the social media marketing campaign. We will keep a track of what strategy has bought us the maximum results and implement changes based on the metrics.

Platforms for Social Media Marketing Services

  • Facebook


    With more than 2.6 billion active users, Facebook is undoubtedly a gold mine for online businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big business, or if you cater to the B2C or B2B industry, using a social media marketing campaign can offer a lot to every business type.

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  • Instagram


    Instagram provides endless opportunities to businesses in the form of diversified content types, including posts, reels, stories, guides, etc. If you need a massive following that advocates for your brand, then social media and marketing on the Instagram platform are right for you.

    Read More
  • Twitter


    When it comes to accomplishing marketing goals, Twitter can actually do wonders for your business. With more than 145 million active users, Twitter should be an integral part of all social media marketing strategies.

    Read More
  • Linkedin

    linkedin icon

    LinkedIn provides effective ways to raise awareness about your brand and network with industry leaders. Posting engaging and valuable content along with participating in industry-related discussions can help boost your business.

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  • Youtube

    youtube icon

    Increase the effectiveness of your YouTube social media marketing strategy to grab your customers' attention and encourage them to act. As a reputed social media marketing company, we assist you in discovering more about your target audience and increasing the quality of your videos.

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  • Pinterest


    Though Pinterest has been overlooked by brands in the past, it has become one of the most popular social media channels in recent years. It helps fulfill all kinds of social media marketing goals, including brand awareness, community building, driving traffic to the website, and enhancing relationships with customers.

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Why Should I Invest in Social Media Marketing Company in India?

  • Improved-Brand-Awareness (1)
    Improved Brand Awareness

    Social media marketing campaign is an effective way to inform and engage with the audience, thereby enhancing the online visibility and brand awareness of your business. With our social media marketing plan, you get a custom social media marketing strategy, channel expertise, and flawless execution to elevate your brand online

  • More-Inbound-Traffic
    More Inbound Traffic

    If you are not leveraging social media marketing benefits, you are restricting a larger pool of potential customers. Since social media attracts people of different interests and demographics, promoting your content on social media paves the way for more organic traffic to your website.

  • Better-Insights-&-Analytics
    Better Insights & Analytics

    Social media marketing is the ultimate tool to gain valuable insights about the market and the audience. You can identify the needs, interests, and motivations of your audience, which won’t be possible without a strong social media presence.

  • Cost-Effective-Advertising
    Cost-Effective Advertising

    Social media marketing is probably the most effective and affordable form of marketing. Creating social media accounts and postings is totally free, though you may have to pay for paid promotion. However, it is still relatively inexpensive than other marketing tactics.

  • Better-Customer-Satisfaction (1)
    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Social media not only helps humanize your brand but also assists in communicating with the target audience. Customers appreciate it when they get a personalized reply to their comments instead of an automated response. Having a strong bond with customers additionally helps your business grow further.

  • Brand-Loyalty-&-Authority
    Brand Loyalty & Authority

    One major goal of most businesses is to acquire a loyal customer base. And, what could be better than social media marketing to achieve that? When you engage with your consumers on a regular basis, it makes them feel important and worthy of sticking with your business longer.

Did You Know?

  • 93%

    of marketers believe social media advertising improves brand exposure

  • 95%

    of aged, 18 to 35 follow one brand on social media

  • 49%

    of customers aged 18 to 29 buy in response to social media ads

  • 75%

    credit social media marketing for higher web traffic

The Statistics Say It All!

An efficient social media marketing strategy is critical to the growth of your business and revenue. And when we say an efficient social media marketing strategy, we mean more than just posting on social media and promoting social ads. It must be new, targeted, engaging, and tailored to your brand. Contact us to learn more about our social media marketing plan!

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing allows businesses to interact with potential customers using social media to fulfill goals and objectives. The aim could be to enhance social media conversions, increase followers to business social channels, improve brand reach, etc.

Entirely, it depends on every social media platform. The reason is that social media networks include parameters that are required to leverage the platform in an optimized way. However, the time and frequency of posting depending on the social media platform used. Getting assistance from a social media marketing firm could be a great help.

Almost every company can benefit from social media marketing. Precisely, if your potential customers are spending more time on social media handles, then it is beneficial to build a social media presence. A social media marketing agency helps create strategies by identifying the target audience. In addition, they can suggest the key areas focus on for the same.

Posting on social media marketing platforms means sharing the information with the followers or audience to see it organically. Considerably, paid advertising is an ad on social media. You can target them by analyzing social media marketing trends, interests, and demographics and creating unique ads to assure your business is visible in front of the targeted audience.

There is no doubt that businesses can gain profitable results with our social media marketing packages. We are a reputable Social Media Marketing Company that aims to bring the following social media marketing benefits to your business.

  • Strong brand recognition
  • Gaining reviews from potential customers
  • Content promotion
  • Telling Authentic brand story
  • Offering customer service
  • Creating conversations of your business
  • Keeping the customers informed
  • Driving traffic to blog or website


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