Search Ads


Search Ads

Search campaigns allow us to place ads on SERP of various search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Search engine campaigns allow us to strategically place advertisements in result pages of various search engine services such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo to name a few. They’re carefully optimized to pop up on certain searches given how efficiently designed the campaign is and how optimized the keyword strategy in use is. We help you actively publish optimized advertisements to show up in SERP(s).

And then there’s the PPC model. Pay-per click allows you the benefit of only shelling out money according to the engagement and clicks you gather. The various factors of outreach and clicks generated affect the price on this model but it serves its purpose where other form of ads don’t exactly flourish.


Search Engine Text Ads

On the surface a text ad on google could be easily explained as a form of traditional marketing tool in the digital space. Advertisers using text to convey the desired marketing goal to the user end through the search engine framework of Google itself. There’s a certain framework that needs to be followed set by Google itself. These parameters ensure a level playing field and leave the efficacy of the text ads completely on the advertiser and their ability to optimize it for maximum engagement and lead generation. There’s 3 components of a google text ad.

  • Headline
  • Display URL
  • Ad description

There’s set defined parameters pertaining to character limit and word limits for headings and the description as well. It’s vital you take advantage of Google’s service and create a strategically optimized advertisement. Getting an expert handling it is the recommended solution. Without optimization the Ad would simply not perform as intended and that shall directly affect the results you’re aiming for. Text ads are a powerful tool and should be used to maximum effect for your work and not ignored in any scope of imagination.

Google Shopping Ads

Also referred to as Product Listing Ads are targeted advertisements on SERP(s) allowing advertisers to list their product across the framework Google offers. Allowing you to list desired products with various tools to help design and optimize the advertisement which improves the ranking of said listing.

It allows for a bunch of information to be layered across the ad such as promotions and even reviews. It further improves the potential for leads turning into a sale. Google’s shopping campaign has been around for a while however the framework has undergone drastic changes and improvement. The evolution of the whole framework allows for you to advertise like never before. The effectiveness of this campaign is often understated but it’s imperative you utilize the broad spectrum of services it offers such as Local inventory ads, showcase shopping, Smart shopping campaigns and even new smart bidding strategies.

There’s a variety of factors that could affect the performance of your campaign such as:

  • The bidding strategy and targeting.
  • Structure of the campaign
  • Product feed optimization

You’re better off working with a digital marketing expert to ensure you’re maximizing your outreach through accurate optimization to achieve desired goals.


Native Ads

Perfectly synchronized with the web-page and the content it houses, Native ads are strategized and optimized to fit perfectly there. They’re not your standard run of the mill ads, they’re meant to sync up with the website and content without looking out of place at all. They’re designed to look like a homogenous part of the website itself. While fulfilling their purpose as an advertisement whilst maintaining the design aesthetic of the webpage. It should stand out in the technical definition whilst remaining and running as a part of the webpage, never looking out of place.

They allow for a wide scope of customization and use high quality ad elements in all respects. The fundamental principle it functions under remains the same though as aforementioned. That, Native ads take on the format and general aesthetic of the website they’re displayed on with the end-goal being seamless user experience. These highly customizable ads allow you to post native backfill or custom sponsored posts, however they take the format of the publisher and not the advertiser.

Perhaps maybe even Local SEO buzz? Just nudging you in the right direction.

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