On-Page SEO


On Page SEO

With the goal being essentially the same as any SEO strategy, i.e. to generate more traffic and raise your rankings on SERP(s) organically. On Page SEO is focused on the optimization that is directly happening and affecting your webpage/website.

It accounts for the direct optimization of the content on your website/webpage and the HTML source code of the same. Both of them are liable to be optimized to ensure a strategically functioning On Page SEO strategy.

There’s no magic wand to just wave and achieve higher rankings on google. It requires an efficiently drawn up blueprint and professional grade execution of the same. What does make a difference however is generating high quality non duplicate content. Accurate information within the content while it isn’t just keywords stuffed together generating virtual copies of each because google is more likely to filter out duplicates and inaccurate information.


Various Factors That Affect On-Page Seo

Google employs about two hundred different factors that affect On-page SEO. But there’s a few absolutely vital ones that are of primary importance and can’t be ignored at any cost.

  • Keywords in the title tag
  • Keywords in Meta description
  • Optimized H1 tags
  • Content quality (needs to be unique and of optimum length to ensure maximum efficiency)
  • Image optimization (Text alone isn’t enough; to ensure relevant traffic this is necessary as well)
  • Outbound link
  • Internal links
  • Domain authority ranking
  • GMB descriptions with a verified profile.

These are a few critical factors which if ignored will seriously hurt your business and partnering with us over at LOCAL SEO BUZZ ensures you the safeguard of not committing any grave errors as aforementioned.

How To Leverage On-Page Seo

On page SEO is directly focused on the optimization of said webpage. It accounts for the optimization of content on your website and the HTML source code of the same.

Both are liable to be optimized to make sure the functioning of on-page SEO is efficient and result oriented. Generating high quality unique content along with accurate information within the same content makes sure you’re ranked higher up the google ladder and it will further help you drive traffic to your website.

Keywords alone won’t work wonders, the unique content that’s optimized in accordance with the framework google provides is vital. Adhering to the set parameters ensures you reap maximum rewards from your on-page SEO strategy for your webpage. Header tags and anchoring text is another facet which affects your ranking and requires proper optimization.


Advanced On-Page Optimizations

Beyond the most easily recognizable factors of on-page optimizations, there’s a few advanced facets to it as well. These factors ensure you have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Optimizing Feature Snippets

Featured snippets show up on SERP often at the very top of the pile of search results, they’re usually the answer to a question you search for with an excerpt taken from a page that is ranked at the very top.

Rich Snippets With Schema Markups

Rich snippets are search results with additional information below the title, description, and URL.Google pulls this information from a type of structured data on the page called schema markup. These rich snippets won’t necessarily factor in the ranking of your page however they are known to attract and entice more engagement generating more clicks.

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