LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn Ads

Even though LinkedIn doesn’t generate nearly the same amount of traffic and engagement you would find at other social media giants, it really holds no bearing on the proficiency of LinkedIn as a platform to publish ads on. LinkedIn has its own strategic advantage.

There’s a horde of B2B marketers out there that rely on the leverage LinkedIn advertising allows them in this particular realm of B2B players. It’s the largest platform for businesses to engage in social interactions. To target marketers in this particular realm of businesses and services LinkedIn is the go-to option. Engaging professionals or even providing technical educational material to marketers with the goal to spread brand awareness and create a strong identity for your brand along with the backing of digital footprint- LinkedIn advertising is your best bet.


Types Of Linked In Ads

LinkedIn is the quintessential social network for professionals all across the world. They’ve ensured their standing in the realm of social networks as the go to advertising and social networking platform that usually deals with professionals alone, giving it a large scope for B2B interaction through a variety of ways. Here’s the most prominent types of campaigns you shall find on linked in and its different formats as well:

  • LinkedIn sponsored content
  • LinkedIn Carousel ads
  • LinkedIn text ads
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  • LinkedIn programmatic display ads
  • LinkedIn dynamic ads

unmistakble advantages linkedin ads give you

Business opportunities: LinkedIn Ads can help you reach both people of the target demographic and professionals as well in the same sector. You don’t just end up engaging with potential customers sitting at home but you avail yourself the chance to connect with professionals who’re a part of the brain of other organizations, often in decision making situations. Networking is a big plus while you advertise on LinkedIn, it opens up a whole new possibility for growth and expansion.

Tracking Traffic: LinkedIn has a very advanced statistical tracker which not only allows you to target specific profiles that visit your page but even generate more traffic via different avenues to your profile.

Professional collaboration: Due to the professional demographic in majority on linkedIn, It often has discussion boards where professionals from different industries come together to discuss a multitude of things.

“No knowledge is ever wasted”- Steve Jobs.


Ideal Practices For Optimal Results

Clear target demographic: A common mistake people make is over-specified targeting of audience on linkedIn. Instead of treating it like other platforms its imperative you understand what LinkedIn offers you in itself. You should cast a relatively wider net when fishing for leads instead of dangling a singular hook in the ocean that may just get lost in the oblivious nature of the over specified target amongst an ocean of potential targets.

Succinct ad copy: Typically recommended by the platform itself, LinkedIn ads should end with a CTA. Due to the nature of the platform being populated by professionals it requires a clear and succinct ad copy without too much beating around the bush and going towards a clearly thought of target which requires a well thought of and succinct Call to Action.

Content and messaging: In our professional opinion over at Local SEO Buzz, we recommend your content and InMail messaging across the platform be in sync with each other. While your content should be unique and the messaging clear, it’s ill-advised to not be a homogenous collaboration between the two. You should ideally look like different parts of the same machine all working towards the same goal. Maximizing engagement to ensure achievement of set objectives.

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