Discovery Ads.


Discovery Ads

A fairly new advertising campaign platform that allows for exponentially increased engagement for advertisers working within the Google framework.

Approximately 86% of consumers online admit that they're browsing the web and even surfing through videos while trying to find new shopping ideas. Ever since Google introduced discovery ads, we're able to leverage google feeds for marketing and advertising purposes. Discovery ads, allows the google algorithm to engage users with advertisements of similar intent as the content they're surfing. More and more consumers are now discovering new brands they fall in love with thanks to discovery ads and the platform google offers you to leverage for increased engagement.

Instead of depending on search queries and the subsequent SERP(s) for targeted advertising, the new platform allows to engage pretty much the entire user-base of google which is close to 3 billion in number.We've invested countless hours to master the platform and to understand the various nuances to leverage through the discovery ads platform.


What Are Discovery Ads.

One of the latest additions to Google’s plethora of advertising tools is the introduction of Discovery Campaigns. Introduced in 2019, Google Discovery Ads have become one of the most impactful vessel of SEO and SEM. More often than not people will spend more time surfing and scrolling for content and queries instead of a more direct approach of searching for the very same.

Google has enabled people to use the discovery platform to engage audiences through customized content in various forms.

The platform’s impact cannot be understated as it allows you a wide spectrum of over 2.9 billion users across the World Wide Web. Meaning it’s down to your strategic optimization of your discovery ads to create engagement with the desired demographic.

How Do They Work

Discovery ads display a single static image along with a headline and a description. You will be required to provide multiple headlines, descriptions, and images so that Google’s AI can test different ad variants and eventually provide users with custom messaging.

It enables users to be shown relevant ads across different google feeds based on the relevancy of your interests be it YouTube, G-Mail ,etc. They’re designed to be Aesthetically and visually compelling, Native and being mobile friendly. Leading to these ads being less invasive than typical advertising.

Post creating and uploading of a campaign here with all the requisite media and attachments, Google comes into play. The Algorithm that functions on machine learning crafts ideal combinations which serve to increase performance and optimize the whole ad campaign. These campaigns tend to be visual centric and well designed to generate engagement which requires a compelling copy to be in place


The Benefits Of Discovery Ads.

Once an advertiser has created a campaign by uploading their ad copy and media, Google uses machine learning to craft the best performing combinations to optimize ad performance. Google Discovery Ads resemble Display Ads, are visual centric and include Carousel Ads, making use of multiple images to attract customers.

Pictures will more often than not serve to create a compelling campaign and generate more target user engagement as directly compared to text based or other ad campaigns. Another underrated benefit which shouldn’t be ignored is the fact discovery campaigns may just allow you the biggest outreach and engagement possible.

With a user base of about 3 billion, it leaves room for optimization freedom to ensure the target demographic is always getting advertisements optimized for them. Discovery ads could be a tricky mine-field to maneuver instead of letting your pockets have a go at it, we advise you seek professional assistance. Minimize expenditure and maximize engagement.

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