Does Geotagging Service Area Help Local SEO

8 Jun

Does Geotagging Service Area Help Local SEO

Dominating the Google search results is the top-most priority for any business. In this time and age where your potential customers are searching for a relevant business online, not being in the top search results can keep you away from the reach of your customers.

But, have you ever wondered why only a handful of businesses make it to the top list?

The answer is Google algorithm! For a layman, with no knowledge of the complex terminologies and technologies, understanding the algorithm can be a tedious task. While you can anytime hire a digital marketing service provider to do the hard work for you, still, having some knowledge about what it takes to be on the top is crucial.

Simply put, you don’t have to get inside the complexities of the algorithm, but you should know the factors that influence it.

Apart from using the right Keywords, adding the right location is an important aspect if you are a local business owner. Don’t you want to be on the top results when someone searches for a local business around them? Of course, you do!

So, how can you do it?

There are two options left for you, first is to let an SEO expert handle your website and GBP profile, and the second is by adding a relevant picture that contains important metadata like geotagging information.

While an SEO expert can help to optimize your business, as said earlier, you should also have some knowledge about it.

You have just read the term ‘Geotagging’, if you are a local business owner, this is a very important factor for you.

Want to know how? Let’s dig Deeper to Understand Geotagging and How it is Helpful for Your Local Business.

The importance of geotagging for local search engine rankings should not be overlooked. It makes no difference where your company is located, what matters is the fact that your business should only be found by people in your locality.

Although it would be great if someone from another country or locality found your site on the Internet, still it is unlikely to be of much interest to them. The chances of them visiting your business or contacting you are even lower. This is because your customer wants to take service from a nearby location, and thus, it is important to make your business visible to the customers near you. If your goal is to reach out to your local customers when they need it, then you should consider Geotagging as your pal!

In simpler words, geotagging service area is important for local SEO.

What is Geotagging and how it is helpful?

In every part of the world, there is a specific geo-location coordinate that identifies you on earth. In geotagging, points of addresses, districts, roads, postal codes, and administrative boundaries are represented for your ease of finding the company location. Geotagging is not a new concept. In web development, it was used more than a decade ago. However, its importance is growing and is becoming a necessary component of local SEO. Google and other search engines are factoring in the current location of customers searching from mobile devices when delivering search results. In common parlance, Local businesses and websites benefit from geotagging in terms of search engine rankings.

An image or video that has been geotagged is a media collection that contains geographical metadata. In addition to latitude and longitude, the metadata typically consists of altitude, distance, accuracy data, and place names.

How can you Geotag?

You will have to make sure to use pictures on your website to make the best use of the feature. These images will also help your SEO efforts. There are several simple techniques you can employ to make your images more visible, all of which can have a big impact. In order to geotag an image, two things need to be accomplished: first, you can see the location of the picture on a map and enter that information manually.

Additionally, GPS devices can be used to add location information to the EXIF format either automatically or manually. A few cameras today are equipped with a GPS for automatic recording, while others offer a GPS receiver that can be mounted on the hot shoe of the camera and transmits the data over an external cable. Additionally, you can separate the GPS from the camera and add the location data later.

Some more tips on your way!

Text is one of the most powerful ways of absorbing information. Photographs, however, convey 10x the amount of information as plain old text. You can use photos of your business location or recent projects to draw potential customers to your website. A few rules should be followed in order to maximize this tactic’s potential:

  • Optimize the image viewing size while minimizing the file size. If a visitor views a small image or large file, they will become frustrated.
  • If your company logo is Cleveland-garagedoor.jpg, name it appropriately. As such, Google and others will be able to know your picture is related to a particular geographical location.
  • Make good use of alt text. As with a suitable file name, embedded alt text with a name and keyword that can be identified as relevant to local searches can make your image stand out in local searches.

Be Found by Your Local Customer, Contact us for Local SEO Services

Having a local business but not being there on the top search results can be a bad deal for you. If you want to make the best use of the internet and generate more traffic, then it is advisable to invest in quality Local SEO services. We can help you with this, our local SEO services are curated to help your local business grow. Get in touch with us to get a free quote.


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