Instagram Ads


Instagram Ads

The Social media app with the most repeat engagements from user end on an everyday measure.

No other app generates multiple repeat engagements other than Instagram. With influencer marketing reaching a new summit, we can’t possibly underplay Instagram’s role in the huge boom in influencer marketing. Instagram houses a very easy to use system that helps you use it to market your business with a fairly easy to understand model for most. Instagram promotions are vital for any web-based media advertiser. Be it a media powerhouse or an individual entrepreneur. Favorably executed Instagram ad strategies ensure maximum outreach.

Thanks to the platform’s basic structure and otherwise intriguing social dynamics it holds within its huge crowd of users which is in excess of 930 million users.

Instagram ads are supported by its parent organization i.e. Facebook ads tools and placement setup for better performance.


How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Well, there’s no precise answer to the ‘how much’ because there’s a multitude of factors that have a severe to mild effect on the money an Instagram campaign will cost you.

  • Ad format
  • Ad placement
  • Targeting

These are the primary factors that usually end up affecting the majority part of the cost you’ll incur running an advertisement on Instagram. It’s a CPC (cost per click) model. You decide the basic budget you want to run your campaign with and the platform helps you function within the set financial parameters. Each click you get on your advertisement ends up costing you a set amount as aforementioned, that’s how the Cost per click format on Instagram functions.

You control the cost of your ads through settling on a bidding strategy and setting a daily campaign spending limit as well. The daily budget is what you’ll incur in costs.

Why Is Advertising On Instagram A Must

Along with being one of the largest platforms and a part of the facebook family, here’s 3 major reasons we believe Instagram is a must for you to utilize.

Audience growth: A recent study indicates that in the United States, one in every five minutes spent on the mobile phone is spent on Instagram. That’s a lot of minutes if you ask us. It’s one of the fastest growing platforms even as we speak. Another study indicates that brands that utilized Instagram optimally generated over a 100 percent increase in their quarterly growth on average

Brand awareness and Intent: Another study conducted by Instagram only suggested that over 60 percent of its users admit to learning about new products and services through this platform and over 75% end up engaging and shopping for products and services post gaining awareness.

Targetting: Instagram is part of the facebook conglomerate. It started off outside of it but Facebook purchased the platform and it has continued to grow exponentially thanks to the backing of the social media juggernaut. It uses facebook’s advertising system and algorithms which is easily the most accomplished and proficient in the industry.


Types Of Instagram Ads

Instagram offers Several Ad formats such as:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Instagram Shopping ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Mapped and Guided ads

The fact Instagram allows for these wide array of formats should serve to illuminate people about the leverage this platform allows you. All these types coupled with the Facebook advertising machine behind it makes it a tool that could play a huge role in your success as an advertiser and publisher.

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