Google Ads

Google Ads

The number one benefit of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. AdWords can be an excellent way to help a business achieve the top spot in searches much quicker with a well-optimized campaign. Aside from increasing traffic, clicks, and conversions, AdWords is also an effective way to spread the word about your brand.

Search Ads

Search engine campaigns allow us to strategically place advertisements in result pages of various search engine services such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo to name a few.

Search Ads

Display Ads

There’s a significantly higher chance of converting a sales lead into a real sale through display ads than it is through e-mail marketing or even personal text engagement for target audience.

Display Ads

Discovery Ads

A Fairly New Advertising Campaign Platform That Allows For Exponentially Increased Engagement For Advertisers Working Within The Google Framework.

Discovery Ads

Youtube Ads

Everyone's Favorite Video Hosting Platform. Generate Buzz For Your Brand And Leverage The Platform Of This Internet Mogul.

Youtube Ads

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We listen to our clients! In this section, we have answered the questions our clients have mostly asked. If you have similar questions, this is where you’ll get your answers.

Business on Google Search, YouTube and other sites across the web can advertise with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express). Also, Google Ads offers advertisers the option of specifying the objective of their ads, such as driving phone calls or website visits. Advertisers can customize their budgets, targets, and stop or start ad campaigns at any time using a Google Ads account.

You place your ad on Google Ads whenever someone searches online for the goods and services that you provide. Google Ads utilizes smart technology to display your ads just when potential customers are ready to take action. Choosing your objective is the first step, such as increasing the number of visitors to your website or the number of phone calls you receive. Your next step is to select the geographical area in which your ad will appear. There is no limit to how wide your radius can be, as long as it's smaller than the area around your business. Your ad will be created and your monthly budget will be determined. Following approval, your ad appears when a user searching for a similar product or service in your area searches for it. Ads are only charged when users interact with them, such as clicking them or calling your business.

While Google has some great staff, you probably won't get the same person when you call the main helpline. Because they have to help lots of people, they cannot assist with tracking return on investment and setting up measurements in Analytics to measure results. Previously in the article, you read about how Fully Charged Media was able to reduce its cost per click by 50% through an operation run in partnership with Google. You won't receive as much input and expertise from the company as you would from a good agency, even if they don't mean to sabotage your account.

Depending on how complex your requirements are, we price the project. In order to increase performance, we will just add a new ads group for you. If you buy more ad groups, some agencies will charge you more. Depending on the campaigns we are running, our cost is known. Budgets for advertising do not play a huge part. If we could get more money to add new ad groups, we would rather focus on optimizing your account.

Advertisers pay each time an ad is clicked with Pay Per Click, a wide-spread model in which they pay each time their ads are clicked. The reason why PPC is so popular is it lets businesses bring users to their sites as soon as possible and does not require weeks of setup time or months of driving traffic.

CPM : Cost Per thousand is the amount you pay for every thousand impressions you receive, regardless of how many clicks you get. CPC : Cost Per Click measures the cost of clicking. Advertising pays advertisers when a user views an advertisement or website on a unique basis. YouTube campaigns, for example, use it more often

Whether you are placing a banner or text link, an impression tells you how many times targeted users have viewed your Google AdWords ad. The number of users who clicked on your ad and were taken to your website represents the number of clicks on your ad. The number of users who visited your website as a result of your ad is shown here.

In addition to assessing the loading time of landing pages, Quality Score also considers the overall load time of your website. Google factors in load times since they affect the user experience. Optimize your images and CSS, and remove unnecessary animations, like moving ads, to reduce load times.


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